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Artists' Refined Linseed Oil

for use with oils

Artists' Refined Linseed Oil is an Oil Painting Medium.

This Linseed Oil is used to reduce and thin the consistency of oil  or alkyd paints, increase transparency, the gloss and to slow the drying process.   As well as yield a tough, durable paint film.

As the preferred oil painting medium, FAS Linseed Oil is renowned for its ability to extend the drying time of paint—an advantageous feature when working with layered compositions.

Our refined Linseed Oil enhances gloss and transparency while imparting a smoother consistency to oil paint. It is meticulously processed to remove free fatty acids, gums, and extraneous materials, resulting in a boiled, refined grade. This variant dries more quickly and forms exceptionally rigid, hard films.

Application Tip: Embrace the 'slow over fast rule' by initially applying fast-drying layers, followed by slower-drying coloured layers. The latter, often taking more time to dry, allows for greater flexibility in your artistic process. With each layer, consider applying additional


FAS Refined Linseed Oil to further enhance your artwork.

Artists' Refined Linseed Oil
FAS Linseed Oil MSDS Sheet
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