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FAS - Water Colour Painting Dye

Just add Water

FAS - Water Colour Painting Dye

FAS - Water Colour Painting Dye

Powder Concentrate - It's a Watercolour painting dye.

  • Painting Dye makes up in seconds.

  • No Lumps

  • Brilliant bright strong colours.

  • Non-Toxic and safe for children to use.


FAS Painting Dye is a concentrated watercolour art dye that may be used as a watercolour paint, drawing ink, a colour wash or a non-permanent fabric dye. 

An economical solution for classroom watercolour painting projects. Just add water to make up intense bright colours as you need it.

Ideal and safe for children to use in the classroom. Complies to international safety standards ASTM D4326 and European CE. 

Use For:
Get creative and apply over wax crayons as a wash, ink drawings, brush painting, colouring, paper mache, finger painting or mix with cellulose paste for screen printing.  ​

Use on paper, wood, fabric, and filters for hours of endless fun. Paint with eye droppers, spray bottles or even just a brush to create unique colourful designs and unforgettable artworks.  See our blog for painting with dye ideas. Click Here >

Once dry the dye remains non-permanent and water-soluble. Wash up equipment with soap and water. Smocks and table coverings are recommended when using powdered paint; not fully washable from skin, clothing and other surfaces.

Tips on making up colours:

  • Simply just add water.

  • Mixing in warm water may give the best results.

  • Each jar has 30grams of Dye. 30grams make up 3 litres of an intense powerful bright colour. 

  • If more water that is added then it will dilute the colour strength. 

  • Some colours appear in the jar to look less than other colours this becuase they are heavier bigger particals but they are the same colour strength and will still make up 3 litres of colourful dye.

Painting with Watercolour FAS Painting Dye
dye painting

FAS Painting Dye Colour Chart

FAS Painting Dye Colour Chart

FAS Painting Dye Sizes

FAS Painting Dye Jar

FAS Painting Dye Jar

30 gram Jar.
A little goes a long way.
​This jar will make up 3 Litres of a
​bright super colourful watercolour painting dye.

FAS Painting Dye Fun Set

FAS Painting Dye Fun Set

 6 x 15g jars in box with plastic tray. 
Each 15g will make up 1.5 Litres of bright colour.

(Colours: Yellow, Green, Leaf, Blue, Orange & Brilliant Red)

Health & Safety:

non toxic and made in new zealand
Rinse Reuse Recycle

This product does not contain dairy/casein, egg, gluten, soy or peanut products, by-products or derivatives.  This product does not contain latex materials or animal derived ingredients.
Contains no ammonia.


FAS | Painting Dye MSDS

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