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FAS - Fun Dye


FAS Fun Dye
FAS Fun Dye

FAS - Fun Dye

Ready Made - It's a Watercolour painting dye.

  • Brilliant bright strong colours.

  • Non-Toxic and safe for children to use.


FAS Fun Dye – made right here in New Zealand! It's non-toxic and comes ready to roll. Perfect for paper, card, wood, wool, and more. No fuss, no mess – no mixing needed! Just add water or glue to change up the colour or thickness.

FAS Fun Dye is your go-to for all kinds of projects – painting, dyeing, stencilling, screen printing, you name it. The vibrant colours are made with food dye pigments (not for eating, though!).
Dilute it with water to get your perfect shade. We've got eight cool colours, all in eco-friendly packaging. Easy, right? 


Let your creativity flow with FAS Fun Dye!

Use For:
Get creative and apply over wax crayons as a wash, ink drawings, brush painting, colouring, paper mache, finger painting or mix with cellulose paste for screen printing.  ​

Use on paper, wood, fabric, and filters for hours of endless fun. Paint with eye droppers, spray bottles or even just a brush to create unique colourful designs and unforgettable artworks.  See our blog for painting with dye ideas. Click Here >

Once dry the dye remains non-permanent and water-soluble. Wash up equipment with soap and water. Smocks and table coverings are recommended when using powdered paint; not fully washable from skin, clothing and other surfaces.

Painting with Watercolour FAS Painting Dye

FAS Fun Dye Colour Chart

FAS Fun Dye Colour Chart

FAS Fun Dye 

FAS Fun Dye

FAS Fun Dye

500ml Bottle.

Health & Safety:

Rinse Reuse Recycle

This product does not contain dairy/casein, egg, gluten, soy or peanut products, by-products or derivatives.  This product does not contain latex materials or animal derived ingredients.
Contains no ammonia.


FAS | Fun Dye MSDS

FAS School Dye Art Projects

Blowing Dye

An easy project that is creative colourful fun. Blown droplets of dye through a straw across the page.  The real magic is when the colours mix together.

Wax Resist

Painting over a crayoned picture with colourful dyes is easy, and often giving the picture a lift.

Water Colour Painting

Draw and simple picture with a marker and paint with FAS dyes like watercolours. Very effective and colourful fun.  

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