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UV Glow  
​Fluorescent Paint

in Tempera Paint, Acrylic Paint and Fabric Ink.

Super Tempera UV Glow Paint

FAS | Fluorescent - UV Day Glow Paint:

Made with Cosmetic Pigments that are designed for skin application.

UV Glow paints for fabrics, paper, canvas and even outdoor signs.

The fluorescent colours FAS make throughout the range of products are also a UV Glow Paint.  

When these bright colours are displayed under ultraviolet lights (black lights) they come alive with a brilliant magical glow that is out of this world!  
They are made to be noticed. 

For the ideal fluorescent effect apply over a white base coat.  Best results apply two base coats.

​The fluorescent brilliance of colour will fade faster is used outside.

The more brilliance the fluorescent colour the better the glow.
For example fluorescent yellow is much brighter than fluorescent blue.

FAS UV Glow fluorescent colours are in the following products:

Super Tempera  Poster Paint:
This is ideal for school discos, decorations and parties. 
– 6  x Fluorescent UV Glow colours. Learn More >

Fine Art Student Acrylic Pant:
4 x Fluorescent UV Glow colours: Learn More >

Fastex Fabric Textile Ink: 
Create your UV Glow clothes.  
6 x Fluorescent UV Glow colours in the range. Learn More >
Fluorescent colours do fade over time you may need to reapply to keep the brilliance of tone.

​FAS | Fluorescent - UV Day Glow Paint:
​FAS Fluorescent  UV Glow Paint colours
Blueman Group use FAS Paints

FAS are proudly the supplier of UV paint for the Blue Man Group.  
Blue Man Group Website

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