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Fastex Fabric Painting Ink

For professional creative fabric painting

Fastex 250ml bottles


Fastex Fabric Painting Ink 


FAS® Fastex Fabric Painting Ink offers artists vibrant colours, excellent coverage, and smooth workability, creating multiple layers without adding to the thickness. Once dry, it is exceptionally soft and flexible to the touch. 

Fastex Painting Ink​ is available in a large range rich colours, including pastel shades, fluorescent, UV Glow, metallic and opaque and process colours. All colours carry the CE safety seal and are permanent on the fabric once correctly heat set.

  • Simple and easy to use.

  • Water-based and Non-Toxic.

  • Fastex is an instant readymade fabric ink. No mixing mediums or stirring is required. Use Straight from the bottle 

  • Create Layers of multiple colours without adding to the thickness.

  • Washable and dry cleanable when heat set.

  • ​For best results, use white or light-coloured fabric.

  • This Ink requires heat-setting to seal the Ink into the fabric. ​​

  • Wash up tools and hands with soap and water.

Fastex can be applied by hand, brush, stencil or professional screenprint for incredible high-definition clarity.

​Fun and easy to do. See [ Fastex Painting Tips ]

Fastex Painting Ink has fresh and intense colours that are truly versatile. Ideal for painting and screen printing, the colours become completely resistant to washing and dry cleaning.

The colours mix easily and deliver excellent non-fading light fastness.  The fluorescent colours are less resistant to fading.

​Use the Fastex Extender Medium to reduce the depth of colour without losing any non-fading or lasting properties.  It can also be used to make colours more transparent.

Fastex 500ml bottles

Learn about FAStex Fabric Ink: 

How to Screen Print with Fastex Fabric Painting Ink

Screen Print in High Definition.

Heat Setting Fastex:

What makes Fastex so durable is the heat setting. All fabrics that can be ironed at a good hot setting are suitable to be painted on. The heat setting fuses the ink and the fabric fibres together to make a lasting durable finish. See instruction video below.

Clean up and washing Instructions:

​Painted fabrics are difficult to remove when dry.
Clean up brushes, hands and palette with soap and water. 
Protective clothing and a work area cover sheet are recommended. 


​Fastex is not suitable for airbrush.  Adding water to thin Fastex ink will also water down the formulations lasting properties and the ability to heat-set and seal the ink into the fabric.

New Pastel Colours

Unleash your inner artist with 6 new dreamy pastel colours
fastex pastel colours 250ml

Fastex Fabric Painting Ink Colour Chart:

FAS Fastex Colour Chart

Download Fastex Painting Ink Brochure: Click Here

Sizes and Set:

Fastex sizes
Fastex Boxed Set - paint your own t-shirt

Standard Colours: 250ml, 500ml and 1 Litre bottles.
Pastel colours: 250ml and 500ml
Extender Medium: 250ml  
Metallic and Fluorescent: 500ml

Each set contains 5 x 100ml easy-squeeze bottles.
Inside our Fastex Fabric Paint Set, you'll find everything you need to create your own hand-painted t-shirt

Create & paint your own t-shirt

Insert Card

Place card inside your T-shirt

Paint with Fastex

Paint your design

Heatset your t-shirt

Once dry, heatset the ink

t-shirt Painted with Fastex

Wear It!

Some of the things you can paint with Fastex Fabric Painting Ink

Health & Safety:

non toxic and made in new zealand

Health and safety is critical for educational paints.  We have our paint independently tested in specialist laboratories to meet the current international standards.    

FAS Fastex Fabric Painting Ink conforms to:
New Zealand and Australia NZ/AS ISO: 8124-2003
EN71-3 & EN71-7
European C.E. Standards. 

This product does not contain dairy/casein, egg, gluten, soy or peanut products, by-products or derivatives.  This product does not contain latex materials or animal-derived ingredients.
​Contains no ammonia.

FAS | Fastex MSDS

Fastex FAQs 

  • What is FAS Super Tempera?
    FAS Super Tempera is a school poster paint that offers safe, bright, bold colours with a thick covering power, providing one-coat coverage. It is designed for use in classrooms and is suitable for various art and craft applications.
  • Is FAS Super Tempera safe for use in schools?
    Yes, FAS Super Tempera is formulated and tested to international safety standards, making it safe for use in educational settings.
  • Does FAS Super Tempera have a strong chemical smell?
    No, Super Tempera smells great and does not contain strong-smelling ammonia. It is formulated to be pleasant and safe for users.
  • Are FAS Super Tempera colours intermixable?
    Yes, the colours are intermixable, and there is a colour mixing guide available for reference.
  • How easy is it to clean up FAS Super Tempera?
    FAS Super Tempera offers easy cleanup, making it convenient for classroom use. See Washing Instructions
  • Is FAS Super Tempera non-toxic?
    Yes, FAS Super Tempera is non-toxic, ensuring the safety of users, especially in a school environment.
  • How can I remove Super Tempera from fabrics?
    Super Tempera washes out of up to 98% of fabrics. Washing in warm water with detergent is recommended, and stain removers may be used for stubborn stains. Super Tempera washes out of up to 98% of fabrics. Some fabrics may retain light stains, so we recommend wearing appropriate protective or old clothing. ​Finding a balance between fine art paint consistency and super-rich colour can be difficult when clothing needs washability. Soak the garment and wash it in warm water with detergent. Stain removers may be required to assist with removal or soaking overnight. For paint, that will Totally Wash from all clothing ​see FAS Total Wash Paint.
  • Are there any eggs in Super Tempera?
    No - See our Blog Post on this for more information. "Does tempera paint have eggs in the formulation? Debunking the Myth"
  • Do the Super Tempera FLUORESCENT COLOURS UV Glow?
    Yes, they give a brilliant UV Glow.
  • Is Super Tempera available in Skin Tone Shades?
    Yes, The Super Tempera People Paint Set of 6 x 500ml offer six skin tone shades. FAS People Paint
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