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Free Kids Paint Colour Mixing Guide

See below for the Free PDF.

There are some things you just cannot create with markers, pencils and crayons…. Mixing colours to make new colours is one of them. See how easy it is to mix primary paint colours.  

Free PDF Download

Make your Own Colour Wheel

Download this FREE Colour Wheel and Colour Wheel template PDF.

Then simply photocopy the template and print onto thicker paper that can be painted on.  This way you can use it repeatedly.  A great fun and colour art class project for all ages.   ​

Free Colour Wheel PDF Download

The Colour Wheel Explained

The Colour Wheel

Colour Mixing Chart:
One of the most exciting things about kid’s paints is learning how to mix colours to make new colours.  You can use the primary colours red, blue, and yellow to get all of the colours of the rainbow. Plus you can use black and white for shading and lightening colours.  

Kid's love mixing colour to make new colours.

This colour mixing chart shows how the 3 primary colours can be mixed with each other to become secondary colours. How these secondary can become intermediate colours.   Download the PDF of the Colour Mixing Guide to have as a reference in the classroom. 

You might also find these links helpful  Colours & the colour wheel explained  and Basic Primary Colour Combinations.  

Primary Colours:

Primary Colours

Secondary Colours

Results from mixing the Primary Colour with each other.

Secondary Colours

Intermediate Colours

Mixing one Primary Colour + One Secondary makes a intermediate colour.

Intermediate Colours

Tints - Tones

Tints - Tones

Adding white to a colour lightens it

Tints - Tones

Adding black to a colour darkens it



By mixing varying amounts of
Black and White you can get
different degrees of shades of grey

Painting Class

FAS | Super Tempera

True Bright Bold Colours

A Super Paint for Kids

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