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Tips on Preparing FAS Plastic Paint Bottles for Recycling​

recycle FAS Bottles

Tips on Preparing
FAS Plastic Paint Bottles for Recycling

​First, consider if you can reuse the bottle.

  • Use in an art project.

  • Use for storage.

  • Cut the used bottle in half and use as a cup for a paintbrush or a mixing pot.

Cleaning FAS plastic paint bottles:

Rinse the bottle with water. Fill the bottle partway with water and put the cap on. Shake the bottle to slosh the water around. Open the bottle again and pour the water out. If the bottle is still dirty inside, you may need to do this a second or third time. The bottle doesn't need to be perfectly clean, but there should be no paint residue inside it.

Never pour paint waste directly into an outside drain; these can lead directly into rivers or ocean

It is safe to use inside drains as all water from inside drains in New Zealand gets treated by the local water treatment companies like Watercare Care NZ.

In New Zealand, caps can stay on plastic bottles that get sent to recycling.

FAS label is also able to stay on is these made from the same recyclable plastics as the bottles.
NB: Most paper labelled bottles do not get recycled.

Placing in Curb-side Bins
Bottles should be empty and do not need to be completely dry when placed in recycling curbside bins.  Consider crushing the bottles if you have a lot of them. This will help save space in the recycling container or bags.

FAS recycle plastic code 2 which means
they can be recycled right here within New Zealand.

FAS Super Tempera 250ml Blue

​FAS | Environmental Policy

Keeping our Paint Green is Important to us!

Not just important it's a company policy.

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

​All FAS products are made from recyclable materials.
We do all that we possibly can to make our packaging recycling easier.

FAS | Eco - Environmental Policy

Our commitment at FAS extends beyond vibrant colours – it's about keeping school paint green, regardless of the shade. We view environmental responsibility as a core principle and company policy.

Understanding the importance of fostering a healthy environment for future generations, FAS has integrated high environmental priorities and practices into our products and manufacturing processes. Our overarching goal is to safeguard the natural world and conserve its vital resources, including air, water, and soil.


As a brand, FAS strives to create environmentally friendly paints that not only perform exceptionally but also minimize their impact on the environment. We constantly face new challenges in reducing our environmental footprint, making our products less taxing on natural resources, easier and safer for users, and meeting rigorous quality assurance standards.


Our commitment includes:

  • Developing state-of-the-art products with low emissions throughout their lifecycle.

  • Carefully select raw materials, avoid hazardous substances when feasible, and opt for less harmful substitutes.

  • Investing in modern plant and equipment to enhance efficiency in product development, manufacture, and use.

  • Ensuring all packaging, including cartons, labels, bottles, jars, and caps, is recyclable.

  • Monitoring and checking every raw material and process at the FAS factory to limit or avoid environmental impact.


Participation in chemical industry associations underscores our commitment to health, safety, and the environment. Environmental safety is not just a goal; it's a fundamental principle at FAS.

Our key goals are:

  • Minimizing our environmental footprint.

  • Being and promoting environmental responsibility.

  • Encouraging our customers, suppliers, and employees to set standards for responsible environmental stewardship.


Packaging Details:

  • All jars, bottles, and tubes used for FAS products are recyclable.

  • Cartons are made from partially recycled card.

  • All packaging is PVC-free.

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