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​Professional Face and Body Paint

Designed for hours and hours of wearable use

FAS Face Painted Boy
FAS Face Paint 120ml yellow

FAS  | Professional Face & Body Paint

Made with Cosmetic Pigments that are designed for skin application.

  • It is a cosmetic Face Paint, ​not just cosmetic grade.​​ Made with high quality colourful cosmetic pigments that are made for skin application.

  • Conforms to international and C.E. safety standards.

  • Colours do not rub-off on to clothing.

  • Cosmetic biocide preservatives are used in the formulation.  

  • No cracking or flaking, when applied correctly.

  • This professional Face Paint will stay on for hours of use.

  • Designed to be applied thinly, so a little goes a long way.

             120ml Jar will go further than most 250ml jars.

  • No barrier cream or undercoat cream required.​

  • Can be washed off easily using a wet towel or water and soap.

  • Colours can be mixed in order to obtain new shades.

FAS Professional Face and Body Paint is designed for face, hair and body painting, dries quickly and stays on for hours .

Best applied directly from the jar by brush but can also be applied with fingers, cotton swabs or by sponge. Dries to a matt finish that is flexible on the skin. Colours are mixable allowing you to mix any colour you like.  All colours are made with quality cosmetic pigments, non-toxic and are designed for safe use on skin.

FAS Professional Face and Body Paint can be diluted with water if desired to assist with brushing, detailed work and air brushing.
Best suited for Ages 3+.

This Face Paint dries quickly without leaving a greasy feeling and to a soft, velvety non-smudge finish.
​Does not contain parabens and is free of main allergens.

FAS Face Paint is made with cosmetic pigments

FAS Face Paint is made with cosmetic pigments. ​

FAS Face Paint Colour Chart

Face Paint Colour Chart

Single Colours:  120ml Jars

Boxed Set  
All you need to start painting in a set:  
6 x 10ml jars + 1 sponge, 1 x brush - great colour  instruction guide
Set Colours: Black, white, Green, Red, Blue & Yellow 

FAS Face Paint 120ml yellow
FAS Face Paint Boxed Set
face painting basics
face painting safety
face painting sponge and brushes

FAS Face Paint Application Tips :
FAS Face Paint is non-toxic and no preparation is needed for the skin.

You can paint directly from the jar or dilute with water if required.

Always start with a clean dry face. Clean your brush/sponge between colours or have one for each colour. Change your brush cleaning water regularly.  For best results brush paint on in thin coatings, this will last longer and eliminate any cracking.

Sponges are ideal for applying your base coat or large areas of one colour. Cotton buds or swabs are a great way to apply colours and are easy to handle. Use one per colour as they do not rinse out very well.

Colours can be mixed together to create your own choice of colour. To add additional colours over or next to another colour, allow the first colour to dry first.

Face Paint Colour Mixing Guide
Try Face Paint on hands and feet

Health & Safety:

non toxic and made in new zealand
Rinse Reuse Recycle

FAS Professional Face and Body Paint conforms to:
New Zealand and Australia NZ/AS ISO: 8124-2003
EN71-3 & EN71-7
European C.E. Standards. ​
Formulation does not contain Latex -  does not contain dairy & casein - does not contain egg - does not contain gluten - Does not contain soy.  Contains no ammonia.

Water Soluble Binder, Calcium Carbonate, Cosmetic Pigments, Perfume, Water-Soluble thickener, Cosmetic Biocide & Water.

FAS | Super Tempera People Paint MSDS
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