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What is Block Printing Ink? A Timeless Craft with Modern Flair

Block printing
Block printing

The Art of Block Printing: A Timeless Craft with Modern Flair

Block printing is one of the oldest and most traditional forms of printmaking, originating in China during the 7th century. This ancient art has endured through the ages, creating beautiful repeatable patterns, layers, and overlays across various materials and surfaces.

Whether working with woodcut or linocut blocks, the main goal of block printing is to showcase the intricacy and detail of the carved designs. Every fine line and detail should be visible in the final print. This is where FAS Studio Block Printing Ink excels, offering rich pigmentation, clear colour definition, and excellent coverage.

Why Choose Block Printing
Why Choose Block Printing

Why Choose Block Printing?

Artistic Precision and Detail: Block printing allows artists to highlight every nuance of their carved designs, ensuring a high level of detail in the final artwork.

Versatile Applications: 

Ideal for printing letters, patterns, and images on paper, card, fabric, and canvas.

Creative Freedom:  Easily intermixable colours provide a wide range of artistic possibilities. Long drying times give artists ample working time.

Educational Value:  Perfect for teaching traditional printmaking techniques, and fostering creativity in the classroom.

Learn all about Block Printing Ink
Learn all about Block Printing Ink

What Sets FAS Studio Printing Ink Apart?

FAS Studio Printing Ink offers distinctive qualities:

  • High Tack and Bright Colours: Ensures excellent coverage and vibrant prints.

  • Non-toxic and Safe: Water-soluble and non-toxic, suitable for both professional and student use.

  • Intermixable Colours: Available in 17 bold, brilliant, and opaque colours, including vintage shades like Warm Sepia and Sanguine (Red Brown).

  • Easy Application: Best on watercolour or acid-free paper. For optimal results on cardboard or wood, seal the surface with FAS Gesso first.

Block Printing - Safety First

Health and safety are crucial, especially in educational settings. FAS Studio Printing Ink meets international safety standards and is free from dairy, gluten, soy, peanuts, latex, animal-derived ingredients, and ammonia.

FAQs: Studio Block Printing Ink

Will block printing ink wash out of fabric?

Most block printing inks are intended for paper and won’t withstand washing. For fabric, use our Fastex Fabric Painting Ink.

How do you thin Studio Block Printing Ink?

Use the Studio Printing Ink extender or add a little water for more transparency, ideal for layering or overlapping colours.

What is Studio Block Printing Ink used for?

Perfect for paper, card, lino printing, polystyrene block printing, woodblock printing, stencilling, screen, and non-permanent fabric printing.

Can you mix FAS Studio Block Printing Ink colours?

Yes, our inks are designed to be intermixable.

Can Studio Block Printing Ink be used on fabric?

For durable fabric prints, use our Fastex Fabric Painting Ink.

Can Studio Block Printing Ink be used for screen printing?

For screen printing on fabric, our Fastex Fabric Painting Ink is recommended.

Best use a real fabric ink that is designed for fabrics.

Explore the timeless art of block printing with FAS Studio Printing Ink, perfect for precision, creativity, and inspiring projects in both studios and classrooms.


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