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FAS | Intermediate Secondary School

Here are products specifically crafted
and well-suited for Intermediate Secondary School use:

Fine Art Student Acrylic
FAS Indian Ink

Fine Art Student Acrylic

A permanent non fading colourful fine art acrylic for students.
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Fastex Fabric Ink

Create amazing colourful fabric designs with this permanent fabric Ink.  Ideal for tee shirts and clothing. 
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Indian Ink:
Waterproof jet black artist quality.
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Studio Ink:

Studio Ink:
Artist block printing ink.

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Super Tempera
Super Tempera

Super high quality kids tempera paint in amazing rich colours. 
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FAS Fine Art Student Acrylic

Brilliant for Canvas, Paper and Board

Non-Toxic - Non-Fading - Quick Drying

Student Acrylic is a versatile, rapid-drying and non-toxic selection of brilliant colours that are permanent when dry. 

FAS Super Tempera

True Bright Bold Colours

A Super Paint for Kids

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