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Super Tempera 

Primary Paint Colour Set

Super Tempera ​Primary Paint Colour Set

FAS Super Tempera Primary Colours Boxed Set:

Contains 5 x 100ml bottles of washable paint
This set is designed especially for young artists. 

The FAS Super Tempera Primary Colours Boxed Set is a fantastic tool for kids just starting their artistic journey. It contains 5 x Washable Paints that allow children to unleash their creativity without parents worrying about permanent messes.

Washable Paints:
FAS Super Tempera Washable Paints wash cleanly from the skin and most washable clothing, ensuring that any accidental spills or brush strokes won't result in lasting stains. This feature provides peace of mind and allows children to express themselves freely through painting.

Create Your Own Colours:
One of the most exciting aspects of our Super Tempera Poster Paints is the ability to mix colours and create new colours. With the three primary colours provided in this set (Red, Blue, and Yellow), children can experiment and combine them to produce an endless array of vibrant and unique hues. Additionally, the inclusion of white allows for lightening colours, while black can be used to darken colours.

Easy-Squeeze Bottles:
Each set contains 5 x 100ml easy-squeeze bottles, making it convenient for young hands to handle and control the amount of paint they dispense. 

Paint Colour Mixing Instructions:
We have included easy-to-follow paint colour mixing instructions on the box to assist young artists in their colour exploration. This resource encourages learning and experimentation, helping children develop their understanding of colour theory while having fun.

The FAS Super Tempera Primary Colours Boxed Set is the ideal companion for kids who are eager to explore the world of art. With washable paints, a range of primary colours, the ability to create new shades, easy-squeeze bottles, and helpful paint colour-mixing instructions, this set offers a complete and enjoyable painting experience.

Super Primary Set with colourful easy to follow paint colour mixing instructions

Super Primary Set with colourful easy to follow paint colour mixing instructions

Super Tempera Primary Set 100ml Bottles

Super Tempera Washable Poster Paint:
FAS Super Tempera is a one-coat coverage washable poster paint that offers rich, bright, bold colours that have a super exceptional thick opacity and covering power that kids love to use. The smooth consistency dries to a matte finish that won't crack or flake.  

Ideal for non-permanent posters, wrapping paper, paint boxes and general art and craftwork. Super Tempera works well on cardboard, paper and paper-mache. 

Super Tempera Primary Set 100ml Bottles

Primary Set 100ml Bottles
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FAS Fine Art Student Acrylic

Brilliant for Canvas, Paper and Board

Non-Toxic - Non-Fading - Quick Drying

Student Acrylic is a versatile, rapid-drying and non-toxic selection of brilliant colours that are permanent when dry. 

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