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Ron Gribble at work Ron painting a landscape in his studio

Ron Gribble at work

Ron painting a landscape in his studio

Ron Gribble Artist Tips

Embark on an artistic journey with Ron Gribble, who was born in Te Kuiti in 1949. Trained as a commercial artist, Ron's bold, painterly style captures the natural landscape, shining best from four to six meters away. Specializing in oils, he's earned awards in national competitions since 1978, expanding his reach globally through exhibitions and reproduction of his work.

Author of "Painting in Oils, with Ron Gribble," his instructional video has garnered success in New Zealand, the U.K., and Australia. Ron's tips, honed through years of experience, offer invaluable insights for aspiring artists. Dive into Ron Gribble's artistic expertise and elevate your craft.

Ron Gribble is a guest blogger on our Ideas for Art Blog and on the FAS YouTube Channel.

About Ron Gribble

Ron Gribble specialises in creating original landscape oil paintings, available for commission. Contact him to own a unique, unreproduced piece. Explore his gallery for available works. Born in 1949, Ron's artistic journey, marked by awards in various mediums, is showcased globally. His paintings, featured in limited editions, mats, coasters, and calendars, have gained international acclaim. Ron's instructional video, "Painting in Oils, with Ron Gribble," is a bestseller in New Zealand, the UK, and Australia, solidifying his reputation as a sought-after tutor and judge.

Jigsaw Puzzles
Jigsaw Puzzles

Ron with the release from Holdson of two paintings made into Jigsaw Puzzles
  Heartland Series 1 "Grazing" and "Ploughing"

Ron Gribble DVD

This oil painting DVD contains an 80 minute DVD with Ron demonstrating the creation of a painting from out in the field where sketches and notes are made, to back in studio where the painting is finished. If you are in New Zealand there are two ways to order this DVD

The Mural in Howick

The Mural in Howick

This was commissioned by the Howick Village Business Association, and paid for from a grant from the Department Of Justice. The brief for the work was broadly to be a historic, Howick depiction. The owners of the nearby “Rosscourt” said that they preferred a maritime theme.

The mural is to proceed in three stages. Stage one is completed. Stage two is another large painting “Working Horses” that will face the intersection. There are two more paintings as stage three, to be placed further down Cook Street to the left of the completed stage one.

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