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total wash Poster Paint

Total Wash Poster Paint

This paint WILL wash out of clothing

Non-Toxic and Safety Tested to international standards

​FAS | Total Wash Poster Paint

This paint WILL wash out of clothing

Total Wash Red Bottle
this paint will wash from clothing

FAS Total Wash Poster Paint – the paint that keeps creativity stain-free! Designed for kids, it washes out of ALL fabrics in just 15-60 minutes with water or a laundry machine.

No more worries about stained clothes – FAS Total Wash is seriously colorful, safe, and eco-friendly. Ideal for posters, finger painting, and crafts in preschools and primary schools.

Our paint stays consistent, ready to use straight from the bottle.


Enhance your child's art without the mess – FAS Total Wash, where creativity meets cleanliness effortlessly.

Made in New Zealand

Washing Instructions: 
This paint also washes out of fabrics just by soaking in warm water from 20 to 45 minutes.

It couldn't be easier than this.

  1. Rinse any excess paint from clothing.

  2. Soak in water or machine wash in warm water using a detergent suitable to the fabric.

​Traditional machine washing with soaps suitable to the fabric will also work just as effectively. 

Cleaning up:
Brushes, hands and painted surfaces can be washed up with warm soapy water.
Some colours in certain conditions may linger on hands but will wash up.  
​Some painted surfaces may require a surface cleaner. 

FAS | Total Wash Colour Chart

Total Wash Colour Chart
Total Wash - 2 Litre and 500ml Bottles

500ml and 2 Litre 
​Pumps available separately for 2 Litre. 

FAS Pump


Rinse - Reuse – Recycle:

Rinse - Reuse – Recycle:
All FAS packaging can be recycled.
-  PVC Free.    

recycle responsibly

Health & Safety:

non toxic and made in new zealand

Health and safety is critical for educational paints.  We have our paint independently tested in specialist laboratories to meet the current international standards.    

FAS Total Wash conforms to:
New Zealand and Australia NZ/AS ISO: 8124-2003
EN71-3 & EN71-7
European C.E. Standards. 

Allergen Information: 
This product does not contain dairy/casein, egg, gluten, soy or peanut products, by-products or derivatives. 
This product does not contain latex materials or animal derived ingredients.
Contains no ammonia.

FAS | Total Wash MSDS

Tips on keeping your school paints fresh

tips on how recycle paint bottles
Download - Tips on keeping your school paints fresh
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