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Fastex - Paint your own t-shirt set


Fastex - Paint your own t-shirt set

FAS Fastex Fabric Paint Boxed Set

Design and create your own t-shirt.

Inside our Fastex Fabric Paint Set, you'll find everything you need to create your own hand-painted t-shirt, even if you are just a beginner in art.  Our durable fabric paints will ensure your t-shirts are reusable plenty of times without your design coming off.

Mixable colours: 
This primary colour boxed set contains all the fabric paint colours you need to create your own colours.

Make Your Own New Colours: 
One of the fantastic things you can do with paints is mix colours to make new colours. From the three primary colours in this set, you can mix them together to create new colours. Plus, you can use white for lightening and black to darken your colours.

See How to Mix colours: 

Each set contains 5 x 100ml easy-squeeze bottles.

Set Colours

The set includes blendable primary colors, allowing you to mix and create a wide range of colours

Create & paint your own t-shirt

Place card inside the t shirt

Place card inside your T-shirt

Paint your design with Fastex

Paint your design

Heatset with an iron

Once dry, heatset the ink

T-shirt painted with Fastex

Wear It!

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