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Painting with FAS Fastex Fabric Inks: A Pillowcase Painting Tutorial by a teacher in Shanghai

Fabric Painting Ink Lesson - Pillowcase Sunflower Painting by an art teacher in Shanghai, China, with FAS Fastex Fabric Painting Ink.

​I utilised FAS Fastex fabric painting ink to create this cushion cover, and the paint is incredibly smooth, with vibrant colours that truly stand out. It provides excellent coverage and achieves a high degree of colour saturation.

For this project, I chose a white cushion cover and placed a thick piece of cardboard in the middle to safeguard my painting area.

To begin, I used light yellow to compose the picture and establish the positioning.

​Alternatively, a light oil pastel can achieve the same effect.

With Fastex Fabric Painting Ink, I incorporated yellow into the red (the suggested colour, no need to mix thoroughly) to depict the flower's ending. Using a pointed brush, I swept from bottom to top, leaving the stroke colour untouched. This technique enhances the overall vibrancy of the artwork.

Similarly, I swept the brush from top to bottom for the flower's tip, showcasing the original petal colour and the influence of the light source.

To represent the flower's shadows, I employed dark pigments such as red, blue, and black. The colours need to be more perfectly blended; in fact, strokes with different hues can be used to depict colour transitions.

In the centre of the flower, a gradual shift towards a brighter colour can be achieved by combining yellow, white, and blue, resulting in a pinkish-green hue.

Lastly, to accentuate the highlights on the petals, I used a bright yellow, white, and pinkish-green dots to adorn the flower.

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Rachel Woo - Shanghai

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