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Fine Art Student Acrylic

Brilliant for Canvas, Paper and Board

Non-Toxic and Safety Tested to international standards

Student Acrylic Cool Yellow

​FAS | Fine Art Student Acrylic:

Non-Toxic - Non-Fading - Quick Drying

Student Acrylic is a versatile, rapid-drying and non-toxic selection of brilliant colours that are permanent when dry. 


​The range includes over 30 user-friendly vibrant shades that are intense, pure, lightfast*, non-yellowing and can be mixed to create almost any chromatic effect. The warm and cool primary colour system offers easier mixing and understanding of colour. 


: Super, rich, bold pigmented colours. 

: Lightfast - non-fading colours*

: Permanent - Brilliant for canvas paper and board.

: Can be used outdoors with correct surface preparation

: A thick flowing fine art paint

: Enviro friendly & non-toxic

: Formulated to international safety standards.


Fine Art Student Acrylic is limited only by your imagination. Paint directly from the tube or bottle for all forms of water-based acrylic painting, simulated oil painting, poster colour, textile painting, printmaking, lift-offs and transfers, leaf prints, scraped painting, wet-on-wet painting, string painting, and modelling textured effects. Thin with water or a medium for washes, glazing, and watercolour effects.  

no smelly ammonia
50 Years

Available in:  
Single Colours:  
500ml, 1 Litre and 2 Litre.
Pumps available separately for 2 Litre. 

Primary Box Set: 5 x 100ml:
- White, Black, Cool Red, Cool Blue and Cool Yellow.

FAS Pump
Student Acrylic Sizes
Student Acrylic on Canvas

Student Acrylic on Canvas

Made in New Zealand

How to use:
Use directly from the tube or bottle for all forms of water-based acrylic painting.

Tip: Spray a fine mist of water over the wet paint regularly to extend the drying time.

Ideal for almost any surface including paper, card, canvas, wood, fabric, masonry, plastic and glass.  Undercoating with Gesso is recommended as an undercoat for outdoors or bare wood, plastic and canvas.  See our School Paints ,painting blog for painting tips and projects.  

Free PDF download paint colour mixing guide for the classroom

Washing Instructions: 
Difficult to remove when dry. Clean up brushes, hands and palette with soap and water. 
Protective clothing and a work area cover sheet is recommended. 

​Finding a balance between a fine art paint consistency and super-rich colour can be difficult when there is a need for washability from clothing.  

For paint that will Totally Wash from all clothing 
​see FAS Total Wash Paint.

Fine Art Student Acrylic Colour Chart

FAS Student Acrylic Colour Chart

Student Acrylic Metallic Colours

UV Glow Colours
Student Acrylic Metallic Colours
student acrylic girl artist

* These colours have less reliable lightfastness.

Fluoresent colours, metallic colours and Magenta:

More Info:


Rinse - Reuse – Recycle:

Rinse - Reuse – Recycle:
All FAS packaging can be recycled.
-  PVC Free.    

recycle responsibly

Health & Safety:

non toxic and made in new zealand

Student Acrylic is safe for students and children of all ages. 
Health and safety is critical for educational paints.  We have our paint independently tested in specialist laboratories to meet the current international standards.    

FAS Student Acrylic conforms to:
​New Zealand and Australia NZ/AS ISO: 8124-2003
EN71-3 & EN71-7
European C.E. Standards. 

This product does not contain dairy/casein, egg, gluten, soy or peanut products, by-products or derivatives.  This product does not contain latex materials or animal-derived ingredients.
Contains no ammonia in the formulation.

FAS | Fine Art Student Acrylic MSDS

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