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FAS School PVA Glue


FAS Kids PVA Glue



FAS PVA Glue, available in two grades – Kids PVA School Grade and High Grade – is proudly New Zealand-made, boasting a non-toxic, non-staining, washable, acid-free, and pH-neutral formulation.


Ideal for art rooms and classrooms, this versatile glue adheres seamlessly to paper, cardboard, wood, assorted fabrics, most plastics, and various materials, making it suitable for a wide range of craft activities. Quick-drying and it ensures a clear, smooth finish and is easily washable off clothing and hands.


FAS Kids PVA School Grade is available in 2L and 5L sizes.
High Grade only in 2 Litre
For specific preferences, explore the two available grades:

Surfaces must be clean, dry and free from grease. Apply to only one surface an even coat of glue. Press both surfaces together while still wet. Light clamping may be necessary for some applications for 20-30 minutes. Drying time is complete after 12 hours (depending on weather conditions).

Dried glue can be removed with warm, soapy water. Clean the bottle nozzle before replacing the cap. To wash out of clothing, use warm water and laundry detergent. Wash up equipment with soap and water. 


FAS PVA sizes

High Grade:

FAS PVA School Grade is available in 2L and 5L sizes. High Grade only in 2 Litre

Kids PVA School Grade v High Grade

Kids PVA School Grade:

  • It is non-toxic and dries clear.

  • Design for general school art and craft use.

  • It is ideal for quick-drying and easy use in general classroom activities.

  • Suitable for bonding paper, cards, light wood construction, and textiles.

High-Grade PVA:

  • Maintains the non-toxic and clear-drying features.

  • Offers enhanced strength and versatility for more demanding projects.

  • High-Grade is woodworking strength.

Health & Safety:

Rinse Reuse Recycle

Conforms to:
New Zealand and Australia NZ/AS ISO: 8124-2003
EN71-3 & EN71-7
European C.E. Standards. 


FAS | Kids PVA and High Grade MSDS
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