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FAS | Primal Medium

A multi-purpose medium for use with acrylics

​FAS | Primal Medium

FAS |  Primal Acrylic Medium

A multi-purpose medium for use with Acrylics

A multi-purpose medium that can be used to thin acrylic paint, increase the open working time, as a sealer, or as a clear varnish, or to change the sheen levels of acrylic paints.


1. Sealer:

Use Primal straight from the bottle as a sizing/sealer on wood, canvas, or cotton duck. This effectively seals the surface, preventing paint absorption into the fabric.

2. Thinning:

When mixed with acrylic paints, Primal is an effective thinner, reducing viscosity and blending colours without compromising pigment solids and intensity. This not only extends the open working time but also enhances translucency.

  • Apply generously with acrylic paint for wet-over-wet or wet-over-dry techniques.


3. Varnish:

Primal doubles as a water-based, non-toxic over-varnish for acrylic paintings. It provides a non-tacky protective coating that, while non-removable, can be painted over.


Usage Tips:

  • For sealing purposes, apply directly on the surface to be worked on.

  • When used as a thinner, mix with acrylic paint for desired viscosity.

  • As a varnish, ensure the painting is thoroughly dry before application.

  • Cleanup is easy with soap and cool water.

Explore the possibilities with Primal – a reliable companion for various acrylic painting techniques.

FAS Primal Acrylic Medium

FAS Primal Acrylic Medium

Size: 250ml

Primal thins acrylics

Primal thins acrylics

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