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Fastex Fabric Painting Ink
Painting Tips

Getting the Best from FAS Fastex Fabric Painting Ink: A Beginner's Guide

What is Fastex?
Fastex Textile Ink is a non-toxic, heat-setting ink that ensures colourfastness, dry-cleanability, and wash resistance on most fabrics. Best results are achieved on white or light-coloured cotton fabrics and heat-setting designs by ironing.

  • Wash Resistant

  • Colour-Fast

  • Bright Colours

  • Non-Toxic

  • UV Glow Colours

What Can Be Painted?

Ideal for 100% cotton fabrics, Fastex enables unique wearable art, cushion covers, hats, curtains, or wall hangings. Heat setting fuses ink and fabric for flexibility and washability.


Heat setting significantly improves the durability and wash-fastness of the fabric ink. It helps the ink withstand repeated washing and wear, preventing it from fading or washing out over time.

What is Fastex Extender?

Fastex Extender reduces colour depth without compromising fastness. Mix with Fastex colours gradually for desired shades.


Application & Techniques:

Apply with a brush, sponge, roller, or screen stencil. Thin with Fastex Extender, not water. Paint thinly, avoid large blobs, and use stencils for clean edges.

How to Heat Set Fastex:

Dry thoroughly before heat setting. Iron on the reverse side for 4-5 minutes at a hot setting (120°C). Thicker fabrics may require a press cloth on top. See: Guide to Heat Setting Fastex 


Clean tools immediately with soap and water. The painted surface becomes permanent when dry. Wear suitable protective clothing.

Hints and Tips:

  • Pre-wash fabric to remove sizing.

  • Iron fabric before painting.

  • Use 100% natural cotton for best results.

  • Apply two thin coats for durability.

  • Experiment with different tools.

  • Keep water and inks clean.

  • Insert protective layers when painting a t-shirt.

  • Avoid mixing water into Fastex inks.

  • Wait for the colours to dry before fixing.

  • Machine wash cottons up to 60°C.

  • Always perform tests on selected fabrics.

Note: This information is provided as guidance, and it is advisable to test on fabrics 

Create & paint your own t-shirt

Card inside the t shirt

Place card inside your T-shirt

Paint with Fastex

Paint your design

Heatset your t shirt

Once dry, heatset the ink

T shirt painted with fastex

Wear It!

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