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A Step-by-Step Fabric Pillowcase Painting Project for Primary School Art Lessons with Fastex


Fabric Painting with FAS Fastex Fabric Painting Ink:

Finding new and exciting projects engaging your student's creativity and imagination is always great. Look no further than Fastex Textile and Fabric Paint! With its safe, water-based, and non-toxic formula, Fastex paint is perfect for a fun and educational art project that will allow your students to explore their artistic talents while also learning valuable art skills.

Materials Needed:

Step 1: 

Set Up Cover your work surface with a plastic table cover to protect it from paint spills. Have all the materials ready, including Fastex Fabric Paint in the desired colours, plain white pillowcases, brushes or sponges, water cups, and paper towels for cleaning brushes or sponges.

Step 2: 

Plan the Design. Encourage your students to use pencils to lightly sketch out their design on the pillowcase before starting with the paint. This step is optional and can be skipped if your students prefer to paint freehand. However, planning the design beforehand can help students visualise their ideas and create a more cohesive and intentional composition.

Step 3: 

Apply the Fastex Fabric Paint thinly with brushes, stencils, or by tabbing with a sponge. Encourage your students to experiment with different techniques to create interesting textures and effects. They can mix colours to create their own custom shades, making their designs truly unique. 

Step 4:

​Let the Fastex Fabric Paint Dry. Allow the painted pillowcases to dry completely. Fastex Fabric Paint dries relatively quickly, usually within a few hours, but drying times may vary depending on the thickness of the fabric and the humidity in the environment. It's best to let the paint dry overnight to ensure it's fully set and ready for the next step.

Step 5: 

Heat Set the Paint Heat setting is crucial to make the Fastex Fabric Paint permanent and washable. See the video on heat setting Fastex.  

Always supervise the students during this step and ensure the heat setting is done safely to prevent accidents.

Step 6: 

Finished Pillowcases.

Once the paint is heat set, the pillowcases are ready to be admired and enjoyed! These functional pillowcases can be used or offered as gifts to others. ​

​This project with Fastex Fabric Paint offers a great opportunity for your students to develop and enhance their art skills. They will learn about colour mixing as they experiment with creating their own custom colours. They will also learn about brush techniques, composition, and design as they plan and execute their pillowcase designs. Heat setting the paint will also teach them the importance of following instructions and taking proper precautions when working with art materials.

In conclusion, Fastex Fabric Paint is a fantastic choice for an art lesson in a primary school. Its safe, water-based, and non-toxic formula makes it ideal for young artists, and the ability to mix colours offers endless creative possibilities.

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