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Studio Printing Ink


FAS - Studio Printing Ink

Fine Art - Studio Block Printing Ink


Fine Art Studio Printing Ink is a range of intermixable non-toxic water soluble block printing colours.

Used by professional artists' and students working with wooden blocks, lino and vegetable cuts to create a design that is transferable from a block to paper or fabric with the use of lino rollers.

FAS Studio Ink can be printed on damp or dry paper.  Best results use acid free paper or watercolour paper.
Studio Ink layers well and offers a uniform coverage, excellent definition with an even detailed print. 

There is a choice of 17 bold, brilliant and opaque colours.

In Brilliant Vintage Colours:
The colour Warm Sepia and Sanguine (Red Brown) offer amazing old vintage photography shades that give a beauitful sepia toning for that dated look and feel.

The colours can be combined with the Studio Printing Ink Extender which gives more transparency to colours making them ideal for layering or overlapping.  To thin add a little water.

Available in 120ml Jars.

Block Printing artwork
studio ink 120ml jar
Printing Ink Image
​Image Printed with FAS Studio Printing Ink

Image Printed with FAS Studio Printing Ink

FAS Studio Ink Colour Chart

​FAS Studio Ink Colour Chart

Use For:
Paper and card surfaces, lino printing, polystyrene block printing, wood block printing, stencilling, screen and non-permanent fabric printing. Excellent for school or studio use.

Bright, non-toxic, lightfast, water based thick professional Block Printing Ink.
Offers a long open time - this allows time for the artist to add colours or detail before the ink starts to dry.

Can be applied directly from the tube.   
For best results try sealing cardboard or wooden surfaces with FAS Gesso first .   Watercolour paper is the best type of paper for FAS Studio Ink, It will absorb the ink and offer a lasting finish. 

In cooler weather conditions place the tube in some warm water for a few minutes. 
​This will assist with rolling out and squeezing ink from the tube.

Washing Up:
All equipment may be cleaned up in soap and water after use. Protective clothing is recommended.

Health & Safety:  
Health and safety is crucial for any ink but even more so for ink used for educational art.  We have our paint independently tested in specialist laboratories to meet the current international standards.      

studio ink

Health & Safety:

non toxic and made in new zealand

FAS Studio Ink conforms to:
New Zealand and Australia NZ/AS ISO: 8124-2003
EN71-3 & EN71-7
European C.E. Standards. 

​This product does not contain dairy/casein, egg, gluten, soy or peanut products, by-products or derivatives.  This product does not contain latex materials or animal derived ingredients.
Contains no ammonia.

FAS | Studio Ink MSDS
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