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Silky White Fabric

Create & paint your own t-shirt

Insert Card inside your t-shirt

Place card inside your T-shirt

paint your t-shirt with fastex

Paint your design

heatset your t-shite with an iron

Once dry, heatset the ink

Painted T-shirt with fastex

Wear It!

Painting Your T-Shirt with FAS Fastex Fabric Painting Ink:
A Beginner's Guide

Creating a custom-designed t-shirt with Fastex is an easy, fun, and cost-effective way to express your unique style. Follow these step-by-step instructions to turn a plain white t-shirt into a personalized fashion statement:


  1. Pre-wash the T-Shirt: Follow label instructions without using softeners. Iron the dry t-shirt to remove creases.

  2. Insert Cardboard: Cut cardboard to fit snugly inside the shirt, preventing paint seepage.
    Pin the shirt tightly to the card to avoid wrinkles.

  3. Protective Measures: Wrap the back of the shirt with clean newsprint, securing it with pins or tape, exposing only the area to be painted.


Painting Instructions:

Choose from three popular methods for painting with Fastex:

Painting by Brush:

  • Draw your design with a pencil or pale-coloured pencil.
  • Trace the design before mounting the fabric on the card.

  • Use a laundry marker for outlining if needed.

  • Apply thin, even coats of Fastex with a flat paintbrush, avoiding brush stops to prevent blotchy patches.

Stencil Painting:

  • Copy or draw a design on acetate, paper, or card.
  • Cut out the design and tape it to the t-shirt.

  • Dab Fastex Ink onto the stencil with a dry sponge.

  • Lift the stencil carefully, ensuring a clean back for reuse.

  • Stencils can be reused about a dozen times, ideal for geometric shapes and basic patterns.

Screen Printing:

  • Obtain a custom-made fine mesh screen within a wooden frame.
  • Prepare the t-shirt as instructed above.

  • Secure the screen on the shirt with clamps or weights.

  • Apply Fastex Ink with a sponge or squeegee, forcing it through stencil openings onto the fabric.

  • Clean the screen thoroughly before the ink dries.



  • Use pencil colours that minimize line visibility.

  • Apply Fastex thinly and smoothly to avoid blotchy patches.

  • Experiment with different tools, like sponges, for unique textures.

  • Always clean tools immediately after use.

  • Allow colours to dry completely before fixing.

  • Machine wash cotton t-shirts up to 60°C after fixing.

Pin your tee shirt
T Shirt painted with Fastex
T Shirt painted with Fastex
T Shirt painted with Fastex
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