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FAS Powder Paint

FAS Powder Paint

Just add water to create bright
colourful paint for the school classroom.

FAS School Powder Paint offers an extended shelf life and the flexibility to create paints as needed.

Our versatile powdered tempera colour can be mixed with water on a palette, prepared in a jar, or dipped into the dry powder with a wet brush. Achieve the right colour by mixing the powder with water for the required quantity.

Experiment with these powdered tempera paints by blending them in dry form with Sculpt-It and Mix-It modelling materials for unique colouring effects. Crafted from non-toxic, finely ground pigments, FAS Powder Paint delivers vibrant, full-strength colours for a stunning finish.

Ideal for ages 2 and up, FAS Powder Paint adapts to various techniques, from finger painting to general art and craftwork. Unlock endless creative possibilities with FAS Powder Paint.

FAS Powder Paint 600g

FAS Powder Paint 600g

FAS Powder Paint in Cambodia

FAS Powder Paint in Cambodia

Powder Paint Colour Chart

Powder Paint Colour Chart

Available in 600g.

When mixed per instructions – will make up 3 litre of a strong solid colour.  Wide-mouthed jars with click on lids; make it easy for dispensing and storing paint.

Making up FAS Powder Paint:

  • Preparing FAS Powder Paint: Start by mixing a small amount of powder paint with water. Gradually add more water as needed to achieve the desired consistency. Allow the paint to thicken for 15 to 30 minutes before use.

  • For optimal results and a smooth, lump-free finish, consider preparing the paint several hours in advance. This extra time allows any small lumps to dissolve, ensuring a seamless application.

  • For even more convenience, try preparing the colors the day before, streamlining your painting process and ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Cleaning up:
Brushes, hands and painted surfaces can be washed up with warm soapy water.
Some colours in certain conditions may linger on hands but will wash up.  
​Some painted surfaces may require a surface clea


Rinse - Reuse – Recycle:

Rinse - Reuse – Recycle:
All FAS packaging can be recycled.
-  PVC Free.    

recycle responsibly

Health & Safety:

Conforms to ASTM D4236

FAS Powder Paint does not contain the following common allergens:
Does not contain Latex, Dairy & Casein,  Egg, Gluten, Peanut & Tree Nut, Soy. 
Contains no ammonia.

FAS | Powder Paint MSDS

FAS Super Tempera

True Bright Bold Colours

A Super Paint for Kids

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