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FAS | Gesso

Primer - Sealer - Undercoat

Gesso canvas
gesso 250ml

FAS Gesso

Fast drying primer/sealer.
Waterproof - Non-Toxic  - Primer  -  Sealer


FAS Artist's Gesso serves as a fast-drying waterproof primer and sealer, essential for preparing painting surfaces such as canvas and wood.


It provides a smooth, absorbent foundation for both oils and acrylics, available in Black or White, and can be mixed with acrylic colours for a variety of backgrounds. The quick-drying formula allows for multiple coats, enhancing texture and tooth on surfaces like canvas, linen, and board, ensuring optimal durability.


For best results, apply two or more thin coats and lightly sand between layers for improved tooth and longevity.

Black and White which colour should I use?

FAS Gesso is available in both black and white.
Choosing between using black and white gesso depends on your artistic intentions and the desired effect for your painting surface:

Use White Gesso When:​

  • Creating a Neutral Base: White gesso is a versatile choice for creating a neutral, blank canvas. It allows colours to appear true and vibrant while providing a clean starting point for your artwork.

  • Light or Pastel Color Palette: If your artwork involves light or pastel colours, white gesso is preferable. It ensures that the colours maintain their brightness and don't get influenced by an underlying dark tone.

  • Traditional Art Styles: White gesso is commonly used in traditional art styles, offering a classic and timeless foundation for paintings. It is suitable for a wide range of subjects and artistic techniques.

Use Black Gesso When:

  • Creating Dark or Moody Backgrounds: Black gesso is ideal for artists who want to establish a dark or moody atmosphere in their artwork. It provides a deep, opaque base that enhances the vibrancy of colours layered on top.

  • Enhancing Contrast: When you want to create strong contrasts or dramatic effects, especially with lighter colours or metallic paints, using black gesso as a base can intensify the overall impact.

  • Mixed Media Projects: Black gesso works well in mixed media projects, providing a dark foundation for various materials and allowing for creative layering.

Available in Sizes:
250ml,500ml, 1 Litre & 4 Litre.

Wash up equipment with soap and water.
As a precaution suitable protective clothing should be worn. Gesso is permanent when dry.

Black Gesso 250ml

Black Gesso 250ml

Try tinting your Gesso undercoat with a colour

Try tinting your Gesso undercoat with a colour to get the tone and mood of your artwork before you paint.  

Health & Safety:

Conforms to:
New Zealand and Australia NZ/AS ISO: 8124-2003
EN71-3 & EN71-7
European C.E. Standards. 

FAS | Gesso MSDS


Rinse - Reuse – Recycle:

Rinse - Reuse – Recycle:
All FAS packaging can be recycled.
-  PVC Free.    

recycle responsibly
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