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Health and Safety


​FAS considers the safety of children our top priority.


FAS has been manufacturing safe, colourful paints for over 45 years.  

As a matter of policy, all our products are independently tested for compliance with European toy safety standards EN71.3, C.E. and the current New Zealand and Australian toy standards ASMT D 4236.   


FAS Face Paint:

FAS Face Paint is not just cosmetic grade; it is cosmetic.

FAS Face Paint and Finger Paints are made with cosmetic pigments, binders and biocides.  

A few common sense considerations for safety.

: Only Face Paint should be used as face paint.

: Wear protective aprons and smocks or old clothing when painting.

: Protect your surfaces when painting. Some FAS paint may be washable, but laying out a cover sheet first is much easier.

: Cleaning - each FAS product page contains information on washing up.

: Read the label, or email us if you have any concerns.


FAS Total Wash poster paint will wash out of ALL clothing.


What is an SDS Sheet?

An SDS (Safety Data Sheet) for kids' poster paint gives essential details about the product's composition, hazards, safe usage, and emergency procedures. It includes information on chemical ingredients, handling precautions, first aid, and disposal guidelines, ensuring a safe creative experience for children.


FAS | Fine Art Supplies SDS sheets for FAS products can be found at the bottom of each of the product pages on this website.


Please contact us if you cannot find an SDS or need more information.

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