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FAS | Cold Wax Solution

No Fumes - No Dangerous Hot Wax

FAS Cold wax Solution

A Safe and Convenient Alternative to Hot Wax:

FAS Cold Wax Solution provides a safe and easy way to explore wax-resist techniques without the hazards associated with hot wax. Here's what makes it an exceptional choice:


No Toxic Fumes and Safe Handling:

  • Eliminates exposure to toxic fumes associated with hot wax.

  • Safe and easy handling, making it suitable for artists of all ages.

Versatile Water-Soluble Resist:


  • Ready-to-use water-soluble resist wax for tempera or acrylic paints, inks, and dyes.

  • Achieve successive colour layers effortlessly using the batik method.



  • Ideal for educational settings with no fumes, ensuring a safe environment.

  • The quick air-drying formula allows for efficient use in classroom activities.

  • Suitable for various surfaces like paper, clay, screens, and fabric (test first).



Available in 500ml Bottles

​FAS Cold Wax 500ml

FAS Cold Wax 500ml

Painting using FAS Cold Wax

Leaves painted with Cold Wax and washed with FAS Painting Dye

batik wax painting with Cold Wax

Batik on fabric - Cold Wax with Dye

Cold Wax Solution Usage Tips:

  • Apply with a brush, tjanting tool, squeeze bottle, or cotton bud on paper, card, screens, or fabric.

  • Experiment with different mediums and surfaces to unlock creative possibilities.

  • Easy removal: For screens, use hot water and detergent; gently scrape paper with a plastic knife; for fabric, iron between sheets of clean paper.

Product Specifications:

  • Ready-to-use water-soluble resist wax.

  • Suitable for watercolours, inks, and dyes.

  • It is ideal for the batik painting method, allowing successive colour layers.

  • Classroom-friendly – no fumes.

  • Quick air-drying for efficient use.

  • Suitable for paper, clay, screens, and fabric (test first).

Available in 500ml Bottles: Explore the endless creative opportunities with FAS Cold Wax Solution – a safe and versatile addition to your artistic toolkit.

Cleaning up:
Brushes, hands and painted surfaces can be washed up with warm soapy water.
Some colours in certain conditions may linger on hands but will wash up.  
​Some painted surfaces may require a surface clea


Rinse - Reuse – Recycle:

Rinse - Reuse – Recycle:
All FAS packaging can be recycled.
PVC Free.    

recycle responsibly

Health & Safety:

CE logo

FAS Cold Wax conforms to:
​New Zealand and Australia NZ/AS ISO: 8124-2003
EN71-3 & EN71-7
European C.E. Standards. 

FAS | Cold Wax Solution MSDS
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