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Fun and Easy Painting with FAS Watercolour Painting Dye | Ideas for Art

Fun and Easy Painting with FAS Watercolour Painting Dye
Fun and Easy Painting with FAS Watercolour Painting Dye

Kids will love this painting idea!

Today, we’re going to create colourful designs using FAS Painting Dye, which works just like school watercolours. It's a simple and enjoyable project that will keep children engaged and creative.

What You'll Need:

  1. FAS Painting Dye

  2. Paper

  3. Eye dropper

  4. Paintbrush

  5. Paper towels

  6. Water

Let's Get Started:

  1. Prepare Your Dye: Mix the FAS Painting Dye with water to create bright, vibrant colours. The dye is economical and easy to use, perfect for quick setups.

  2. Paint the Base Colour: Paint a sheet of paper with one solid colour or blend two colours if you like. Allow the paper to dry completely.

  3. Create Your Design: Once the base layer is dry, use an eye dropper to drip water onto the painted paper. Watch as the water creates unique patterns and designs.

  4. Clean Up: Use a paper towel to gently blot any excess water. You can also paint designs by dipping a brush in clean water and applying it to the coloured paper.


  • Experiment with different colours and blends to see what beautiful patterns you can create.

  • Use more or less water to achieve different effects.

This FAS Painting Dye project is a quick, easy, and fun way for children to explore colour and design. It’s perfect for both classroom and home settings. Enjoy watching their creativity flow with this vibrant and engaging activity.


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