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Rock Painting Adventure with FAS Student Acrylic

Learn how to use paints and glue to transform simple rocks into vibrant works of art.

This is a fun way for students to unleash their artistic flair by painting rocks, exploring different designs, and interactively learning about geology.

What You Need:

Where to Find Rocks:

  • Explore your surroundings for smooth, flat rocks: Search riverbeds, parks, beaches, and forests.

  • If natural rocks are scarce, visit local hardware stores or landscape suppliers.

  • Avoid polished rocks; opt for light-coloured ones for better paint visibility.

  • Select rocks that inspire your creativity. Find funky shapes, vibrant colours, and various sizes for different projects.

Let the Adventure Begin:

  • Clean the rocks thoroughly and let them dry.

  • Optional: Seal or prime the rocks for a smooth painting surface. Use FAS Gesso (sealer and Primer) for FAS Student Acrylic White paint for priming, allowing it to dry before applying colour.

  • Decide on your creation—be it a picture, an animal, or a funky paperweight.

  • Paint your rock with chosen designs and colours. Get creative! You can also use markers for detailed pictures. See some of our photos for inspiration. ​

  • Once the paint is dry, seal your masterpiece. See "Sealing Your Rocks" below.

  • Brush the water/glue mixture onto your rock to seal in the beauty.

​Sealing Your Rocks:

Sealing is essential for protection against the elements. Choose a brush-on or spray polyurethane sealant (available at hardware stores, art stores, or supermarkets). Opt for a glossy, matte, or satin finish based on preference. For outdoor rocks, choose a waterproof sealant. This step ensures longevity and weather resistance, making your rocks suitable for hiding or gifting.

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