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Painting with Glass Marbles and Super Tempera School Paint - Art Lesson

How to Paint with Marbles | Easy Simple Painting for Kids

Kids love playing with marbles and love colourful Super Tempera paint. Put them together in one fun art lesson, and you'll have their creative imagination running wild.

A simple yet exciting and fun art lesson – painting with glass marbles and Super Tempera school paint. This fun and engaging project is perfect for school art teachers and parents at home. We'll create unique and mesmerising artworks with just a few materials that will surely captivate children's imaginations.

Watch the video - This is so much fun!

Materials Needed:

  1. Tray or cut-down old box

  2. Glass marbles

  3. Super Tempera school paint (a variety of colours)

  4. Paper (white or coloured)

  5. Paper towels or soapy water for cleanup.

Lesson Steps:

  • Set Up the Workspace: Start by covering your work area with newspaper or an old tablecloth to protect it from paint splatters. Place your tray or cut-down box on the covered surface.

  • Select Your Colours: Choose a selection of Super Tempera colours that you'd like to use for your artwork. The more vibrant and contrasting the colours, the more striking your final result will be.

  • Dip the Marbles: Dip your glass marbles into the paint, ensuring they are coated evenly but not excessively. You can use a palette or a disposable plate for this step.

  • Create Your Masterpiece: Place a piece of paper inside the tray or box. Carefully drop the paint-covered marbles onto the paper.​ ​Tilt the tray or box gently in various directions, allowing the marbles to roll and create colourful patterns on the paper. Encourage children to experiment with different angles and movements to see how it affects their artwork.

  • Add More Paint: If desired, you can dip the marbles in different colours of paint and continue creating layers of patterns on your paper. The overlapping colours will add depth and intrigue to your artwork.

  • Let It Dry: Once you are satisfied with your creation, carefully lift the marbles off the paper and set it aside to dry. The drying time will depend on the thickness of the paint, but it usually takes a few hours.

  • Clean Up: Use paper towels or soapy water to clean the marbles and the tray. Make sure to wash your hands and any paint-covered surfaces thoroughly.

  • Admire Your Art: Once your masterpiece is dry, take a moment to admire the vibrant and abstract patterns you've created. Encourage children to share their artwork with others and discuss the different shapes and colours they see.

The Final Marble Paint Artwork

Painting with glass marbles and Super Tempera school paint is a fun and simple way to introduce children to abstract art. Each attempt offers a unique result, making this activity fun and educational. Whether you're a teacher looking for an engaging art project in the classroom or a parent seeking a creative activity at home, this project will surely spark young artists' imaginations.

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Tony Parker

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