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Sponge Painting with Bright Colours on Dark Paper using Super Tempera: A Creative Art Activity

Sponge Prints with Super Tempera

Sponge printing with bright colours on dark paper is an exciting and easy art activity. We'll make our designs pop out beautifully by creating our own dark paper background. This activity encourages creativity and experimentation with colour and patterns.


  • Sponge brushes or Sponge shapes

  • Paper

  • FAS Super Tempera: Bright and dark colours 

  • Colours: Dark for the background, Bright colours like a yellow, leaf or red for sponge painting

  • Roller or brush 

Step 1: Paint the Dark Background

Begin by painting your paper with a dark colour or a combination of colours. Allow it to dry completely. This dark background will provide a striking contrast to the bright sponge painting that follows.

Step 2: Prepare the Paint

To prevent overly wet sponges and maintain control over the prints, try rolling and brushing your colours onto a flat, smooth surface such as a plastic sheet, card, or benchtop. This method ensures a cleaner and more precise application of the paint. Remember, FAS Super Tempera is temporary and can be easily wiped or washed off the surface.

Step 3: Sponge Printing

Press the sponge brush or sponge shape into the FAS Super Tempera paint, ensuring it is well-coated. Then, press the painted sponge onto the paper, creating your desired design. The contrast between the bright colours and the dark background will make the design stand out beautifully.

Step 4: Explore Patterns and Variations

Encourage your students to experiment with different shapes and colours to make their pages more interesting. While using bright colours is exciting, remind them that using more than three colours can become overpowering. Creating patterns and repeating the sponge printing process will add depth and visual interest to their artworks.

Sponge painting with bright colours on dark paper is a fun and accessible activity. By following a few simple steps, you can unleash creativity and encourage experimentation with colour and pattern. Remember to have fun and embrace the process, as the results will be truly satisfying.

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Tony Parker

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by FAS | Fine Art Supplies NZ LTD


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