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Monoprinting - A kids project with FAS Super Tempera


Learn the art of monoprinting with school paints, a vibrant and creative project using FAS Super Tempera.

Monoprinting is a unique form of printmaking, where each image can only be produced once, distinguishing it from most printmaking techniques that allow for multiple copies.

LEVEL: Pre-school and Primary

This quick, colourful, and straightforward project is perfect for the classroom. It involves block printing with Tempera Poster Paint using fingers, allowing children to enjoy the tactile experience of pushing paint around.

You will need:

  • Sketch Paper

  • Super Tempera Paint in simple, bold colours

  • Paint pots or dishes

  • Printing plate (old plastic placemat, styrofoam board, any flat non-porous surface - we used a small sheet of plexiglass)

  • Roller or a broad paintbrush

  • Apron and a cover sheet, newspapers, or paper towels

Let's get started:

Monoprints are a quick one-colour art form where you cover the printing plate with Super Tempera Poster Paint. Images are created by finger-painting a basic design in the paint on the plate. Place your paper over the design, lift it off, and reveal your unique mono-printed image.

Monoprinting: Rolling out the tempera paint

  1. Spread Super Tempera Paint evenly over your printing plate using a broad brush or roller, ensuring it's slightly smaller than your paper. A straight edge is not necessary and can add to the final effect.

  2. Use your fingers to draw simple designs on the painted area, removing paint as you create. If unhappy with the design, re-roll the area and start again.

  3. Once satisfied with the design, lay the paper on top and cover the area with paint. Press on the painted area sparingly, preventing the paper from moving to avoid smudging the final design.

  4. Carefully peel the paper from the printing plate to reveal the mono-printed image.

  5. The printing plate can be reworked for reuse, making it suitable for the entire class.

  6. Allow for drying.

Monoprinting allows children to create fun and exciting designs.


  • Stick to one colour for simplicity.

  • Choose a wipeable surface for the printing plate.

  • Less is more; avoid overdoing the designs.

  • Designs will appear as reversed mirror images.

  • Pressing hard on the paper can result in a blotchy outcome.

  • Example designs include fish with blue paint and flowers with red paint.

Share, enjoy, and have fun!



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