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Sponge Painting with FAS Super Tempera

Sponge Painting with FAS Super Tempera


LEVEL: Preschool and Early Primary

Children love sponge painting.   It teaches children about shapes, colours, and how paint gets absorbed into the sponges. It also offers a quick and straightforward way to make colourful artwork.

You will need:

: Small pieces of sponges or a sponge brush. Kitchen, bath or craft sponges are ideal.

: Super Tempera Paint in small bowls or paint trays.

: Scissors 

: Plates or trays 

: Paper 

: Clothes Pegs

: Permanent marker or crayons

: Apron and a cover sheet or newspapers

: Paper towels – for clean-up.

Let's begin:

Put on the apron and lay down your cover sheet or newspapers.

Use a marker or crayon to draw shapes like hearts, stars, or flowers on the sponge, and then cut out these different shapes with scissors to create an interesting variety.

Attach sponge pieces to clothes pegs to make handles. If you have coloured plastic pegs, consider matching them with the coloured paint trays.

Opt for using one colour per sponge to achieve clear and vibrant pictures.

Dip the sponge into the paint, ensuring an even coating on the bottom. Use it to brush or dab the paint onto the paper, creating unique pictures and patterns as you go.


Sponge brushes, with their convenient handles for little hands, are perfect for this activity—refer to the attached photo for reference. Opt for clean, bright colors. Utilize the small sponge bits you cut off to create interesting details such as leaves and grass. Popular shapes for sponge painting include squares, triangles, and diamonds. Try innovative ideas like painting a yellow circle and stamping flower petals or creating a sun and stamping sunrays. You can also use the sponge in a stamping action to achieve a wallpaper effect. Enjoy the creative process!

Best regards, Tony Parker


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