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Leaf Printing autumn colours with Super Tempera Paint


Leaf Printing & Painting

LEVEL: Pre-School and Primary School

Here's a simple, swift, and vibrant school painting project that brings the essence of nature indoors while letting your creativity bloom outdoors. It's a delightful autumn-inspired activity that becomes even more enjoyable when the kids join in collecting leaves.

You will need:

  • White Paper

  • Super Tempera Paint – choose a few autumn earth tones

  • A brush

  • A roller – an old rolling pin works well, preferably plastic

  • Leaves – opt for entire leaves with robust veins in various sizes for printing

  • Apron and a cover sheet, newspapers, or paper towels.

Let's get started:

Ensure the leaves are clean and free from bugs and dirt before starting. Also, have some paper towels ready.

Turn the leaves upside down so the veins face upward. Apply a thin layer of paint to the underside using the brush, ensuring you cover the stem and all the veins.

Place the painted side of the leaf onto the paper. Put a paper towel on top of the leaf to protect the roller from paint. Use the roller to press the leaf firmly onto the paper.

Keep the roller clean using paper towels. Carefully remove the paper towel and lift the leaf off the paper. Repeat the process in different colours.

Allow it to dry.


  • Avoid using too many colours for a cleaner look.

  • Cut out the prints and paste them together on one sheet of paper for a collage effect.

  • Be cautious not to pour dirty paint back into the paint bottles.

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Tony Parker

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by FAS | Fine Art Supplies NZ LTD


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