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How to create a Aboriginal Style Dot Painting with FAS Super Tempera School Paint


Today, we will dive into the world of Aboriginal-style dot painting, a colourful and exciting art form that children will thoroughly enjoy. This creative project is simple to set up and easy to do, making it perfect for young artists to explore.  See the tips below before you begin.

You will need:

  1. A sheet paper (black can be more effective for an Aboriginal theme)

  2. FAS Super Tempera in 4 bright colours

  3. 4 x shallow paint trays

  4. Apron

  5. A few old pencils with flat ends or erasers (alternatively, you can use an upside-down paintbrush)

  6. A pencil and ruler or interesting shapes to trace for an outline

  7. Newspapers or a protective cover sheet

Let's get started:

Step 1: Prepare your work area: 

Lay out newspapers or a cover sheet to protect the surface where the children will be painting.

Step 2: Outline some interesting shapes: 

Lightly outline some simple and intriguing shapes on their paper with a pencil. Remember, sometimes, the most straightforward designs produce the best results.

Step 3: Pour the paint into trays. 

Divide the Super Tempera Paint into shallow trays, each holding one of the four bright colours.

Step 4: Dip the pencil in the Super Tempera and start dotting:  

Dip lightly into one of the paint colours using an old pencil with a flat end or an eraser. Each pencil should be dedicated to a specific colour, or clean the pencil ends between using colours to achieve clean and bright dots.

Step 5: Follow the outlines: 

Follow the pencil outlines on the paper, keeping the same colour for each line. The goal is to create neat and tidy rows of dots.

Step 6: Expand the dot pattern: 

Work your way to the edges of the paper, creating new rows of dots in different colours. See the example in the photo.

Step 7: Allow the artwork to dry: 

After completing their dot painting, let the artwork dry completely.

Aboriginal-style dot painting is an enjoyable and engaging art activity that allows children to explore their creativity while learning about this unique art form. Remind them to follow the pencil outlines to maintain neat rows of dots, and don't rush the process. 

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​Tony Parker


  • Emphasise the beauty of simplicity in the designs.

  • Encourage children to use various objects, like cups, bowls, jars, lids, and caps, to trace around and create interesting shapes.

  • Remind them to take their time and enjoy the dot painting experience.  

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