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Autumn Leaves Super Tempera Handprint Lesson Plan with A free PDF Template

To create a colourful autumn-themed artwork using handprints while exploring the colours of autumn and creativity with paint colours.

You will need:

3 x Paper Plates

Free PDF Template - Tree Branch


Water, handy towels, and a handwashing station


autumn leaves
Download PDF • 123KB

Begin by discussing the colours of autumn with the children. Take them for a short walk outside to observe the various colours present in nature during this season. Bring along a few bottles of autumn paint colours (listed above) and place them near the leaves. Encourage the children to identify the different colours they see and explain how autumn leaves are often a mix of colours.

Step 1: Distribute the free PDF template of a tree branch to each child.

Step 2: Mixing the Super Tempera Colours:

Mix up three different autumn colour combinations of the Super Tempera Paint on the three paper plates: Yellow, Red and Orange. Have a look at our photo for colourful inspiration.

Show the children a photo or visual reference to inspire them with colour combinations for their autumn leaves.

Step 3: Creating Handprints:

Instruct the children to dip the paintbrush into one of the mixed Super Tempera combinations and apply the paint to one hand at a time. Encourage them to use a moderate amount of paint, avoiding excessive wetness.

Carefully place the painted hand in the centre of the tree branch on the template, ensuring a clear and vibrant handprint.

Remind the children to wash their hands thoroughly before starting to create the next leaf, maintaining clean and distinct prints.

This activity offers children a fun and engaging way to create artwork using their handprints. By discussing the colours of autumn and observing them in nature, children gain a deeper understanding of the season and learn to appreciate the vibrant hues that surround them. This project encourages creativity, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. Display the finished artworks to showcase the children's unique interpretations of autumn leaves.


The free PDF template of the tree branch can be downloaded from here


​Tony Parker

Ideas for Art Blog


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