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Learn to Paint a Cherry Blossom Tree with FAS Super Tempera Bright Pink Paint: Easy Art Lesson for Kids


Paint a Cherry Blossom Tree with Free PDF Template

​Learn how to paint a beautiful cherry blossom tree using FAS Super Tempera Bright Pink Paint. Explore different techniques to create delicate blossoms.

Materials Needed:

  • Free PDF Template of Tree Outline

  • FAS Super Tempera Paints: Bright Pink, Umber, Green, Blue, WhiteSuper Tempera

  • Brushes

  • Small round sponge or taped cotton buds

  • Handy towels


Step 1: 

Print the A4 Tree outline template from the provided Free PDF. This template will serve as the base for your artwork.

Free PDF Template

Download the template here.

Download PDF • 16KB

Step 2:  Paint the Background Using the Umber Super Tempera, carefully paint the tree trunk and branches. This step will provide a strong foundation for your cherry blossom tree.

Step 3:  Create the landscape with the green super tempera, and paint the grass beneath the tree. Mix a small amount of white with blue Super Tempera for the sky and apply it to the top portion of the canvas. Allow the background to dry completely.

Step 4:  Painting Cherry Blossoms - Technique 1 For the cherry blossoms, start by using FAS Bright Pink paint. To achieve variation, add a touch of white to the paint for a subtle effect. Pour this mixture into a shallow dish.

Step 5:  Using a Sponge: Take a small round sponge and dip it into the pink paint mixture. Before applying it to your canvas, it's a good idea to test the sponge on another sheet of paper. Once you're satisfied, use the sponge to paint clusters of blossoms on the tree branches. Vary the pressure to create different sizes and shapes of blossoms.

Step 6: 

Painting Cherry Blossoms - Technique 2 Alternatively, you can use cotton buds to achieve a different texture for the blossoms. Tape or rubberband together a cluster of cotton buds.

Step 7:

Applying Paint with Cotton Buds: Dip the taped cotton buds into the pink paint mixture. Like before, test the technique on a spare sheet of paper. Once you're comfortable, use the cotton buds to paint blossoms on the tree branches carefully. This technique offers a unique and charming appearance to your artwork.

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