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Artist Painting Tip - Clean paint colours in your work

Keep your colour clean when mixing paint colours.

Keep your colour Clean
Keep your colour Clean:

Discussing cleanliness, the ultimate outcome consistently yields vibrant, clean colours when mixing art paint.

In the realm of colour mixing, there's a wealth of information beyond what I can cover here.

Keep each colour mix limited to hues from your palette. The more diverse your palette's colours, the closer you approach 'Mud'— a murky result.

Clearly ask yourself, "Do I desire a hot or cold colour?" Failing to choose risks losing contrast and potentially creating a dull or muddy effect.

Opting for a cold colour? Exercise restraint with hot colour mixes. For a hot colour blend, minimise the addition of blues.

While exceptions exist, the 'Hot & Cold' decision proves crucial in achieving successful colour mixing.

Happy Mixing!

Ron Gribble


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