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Creative Sponge Painting for Kids with FAS Super Tempera


Today, we'll explore sponge painting, a creative way for kids to learn shapes and colours while making unique wrapping paper.

Materials Needed:

  1. Assorted sponges (different shapes and sizes)

  2. Super Tempera paints (various colours)

  3. A large sheet of plain white paper

  4. Water cups

  5. Paintbrushes

  6. Paper plates for the palette

  7. Old newspapers (for easy cleanup)

  8. Aprons or old clothes (to protect from paint)

  9. Pencil

  10. Scissors

Step 1: Set Up

Before we embark on our creative journey, let's make sure everything is set up:

  • Lay down old newspapers to protect your work surface.

  • Put on your apron or paint-friendly attire.

  • Fill water cups for cleaning brushes.

  • Set out your sponges, paints, paper, and brushes.

Step 2: Choose Shapes.

Discuss shapes with the children. Ask them what shapes they like or want to explore. Let them select a few sponges of different shapes and sizes.

Step 3: Sketch Design:

Using a pencil, lightly sketch a design on your white paper. This could be simple shapes, patterns, or even a theme like underwater creatures or outer space.

Step 4: Paint with Sponges:  Dip sponges in the Super Tempera paint and dab them onto paper following your design.

Step 5: Add Details. Use brushes to add details.

Step 6: Dry and Cut. Let it dry. Discuss the process. Cut your paper.

Step 7: Wrap a Surprise! 

Wrap a special gift with your unique paper.

Share and enjoy

Tony Parker

Ideas for Art Blog

by FAS | Fine Art Supplies NZ LTD


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