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Does tempera paint have eggs in the formulation? Debunking the Myth


Does tempera paint contain eggs?

​Art classes provide students with a creative outlet to express themselves, and tempera paint has remained a popular choice due to its washability and vibrant colours. However, a prevailing misconception persists:  

Does tempera paint contain eggs?

In this brief blog post, we will unravel the truth about modern-day tempera paint, highlighting its temporary nature and debunking the myth of egg inclusion.

Understanding Temporary Tempera Paint:

​Contrary to popular belief, most commercially available tempera paints used in schools (like FAS Super Tempera) and classrooms do not include eggs. In fact, the term "tempera" stands for "temporary." Modern tempera paints are designed to be temporary and easy to remove or wash from surfaces and clothing, making them ideal for classroom settings and children's art projects.

So where does the "eggs in tempera" misconception come from?

​Understanding Tempera Paint:

Tempera paint has a long history, dating back to ancient civilisations such as Egypt and Greece. Traditional tempera paint was created by mixing pigments with a binding agent, typically egg yolk, resulting in a durable and vibrant medium. This paint is still available from brands like Daler-Rowney. However, the tempera paint used in schools and classrooms today differs significantly from its historical counterpart.

Modern-Day Tempera Paint Composition:

Contrary to popular belief, most commercially available tempera paints used in schools and classrooms no longer contain eggs as a binding agent. This change is primarily due to concerns regarding perishability, allergens, and the practicality of using eggs in large-scale production. 

It's kind of crazy to think that the paint manufacturers would be cracking open some eggs in the factory and adding them to the batches of paint.

There are No Eggs in FAS Super Tempera 

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​Tony Parker

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