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What is a School Tempera Poster Paint?

What is a School Tempera Poster Paint?

Tempera school poster paint used in classrooms is a temporary medium designed to be easily washed off surfaces, even days or weeks after drying. This quality makes tempera paint ideal for educational settings or activities involving groups of young children.

It's important to clarify the distinction between traditional Egg Tempera and school tempera poster paint. Some parents, while searching for information about Tempera Paint for children with allergies, may come across details about a paint called Egg Tempera Paint, leading to confusion.

Egg Tempera:

Egg Tempera is one of the oldest mediums for fine art painting, dating back to Roman Egypt and favoured by many Renaissance Masters. It is a permanent, fast-drying paint made with egg yolk, although it is challenging to find today. Brands like Daler-Rowney in the UK still produce it for artists. Notably, Egg Tempera is intended for artistic use and not for educational purposes.

Common queries we receive at FAS from parents include whether FAS Super Tempera paint contains eggs or wheat.

The answer is no.

School Tempera Poster Paint:

School Tempera (like FAS Super Tempera) is widely used in schools globally and is the most popular daily art paint in educational settings. It is typically a safe, non-toxic paint, vibrant, and quick-drying. The formulation excludes eggs, clay, or wheat, making it safe for children.

FAS Super Tempera paint dries quickly and has a long-lasting effect. However, it will eventually spoil, so it's important to close the lid tightly after use and avoid returning unused Super Tempera to its original container.

Safety Concerns:

FAS paints are independently tested to international school paint safety standards. While "non-toxic" on the label is a start, it is recommended to thoroughly read labels or the manufacturer's MSDS (Medical Safety Data Sheet) for ingredient information if there are concerns.


Super Tempera is a temporary paint that reactivates when rewet. It washes out of up to 98% of fabrics, but some may retain light stains; hence, wearing protective or old clothing is advisable. Achieving a balance between fine art consistency and rich colour while ensuring washability from clothing can be challenging. For paint designed to wash out from all clothing totally, consider FAS Total Wash Paint.

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