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Painting a Magical Night Sky with FAS Student Acrylic

Create a mesmerising night sky using FAS Student Acrylic paint.  Get ready to let your creativity shine as we explore the process of painting a captivating night sky together.

Materials Needed:

  • Sponge

  • FAS Student Acrylic paints, Metallic Gold, Black, Fluo Yellow, Cool Blue, and Cool Red

  • Brushes

  • A little water

  • Oil Pastels, White, Yellow and Blue


Step 1: Creating the Background: 

Dampen the sponge slightly and load it with Fluo Yellow paint.  Gently sponge the Fluo Yellow onto the bottom corner of your canvas, as well as a bit in the top area.

Next, using the same sponge, apply Cool Blue paint just above the Fluo Yellow section.

Complete the background by adding Cool Red in the top corner, allowing it to flow down and layer over the Cool Blue and Fluo Yellow areas. This forms the base of our captivating night sky.

Step 2: Adding the Metallic Gold Stars

Make the Metallic Gold paint more fluid by adding a touch of water. Load a small amount onto your brush.  Hold your loaded brush above the canvas and gently tap it with either your other hand or another brush. This action will create flicks of Metallic Gold spots across the night sky, resembling twinkling stars.

- Allow to dry

Step 3: Adding Shooting Stars:

Grab the White oil pastel to draw a few shooting stars across the canvas. These stars will be the focal points of your artwork.

Enhance the motion and depth of the shooting stars by layering Yellow and Blue oil pastels over the White ones. Keep the direction of the stars' movement consistent to maintain a cohesive look.

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