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A Magic Painting Wax Resist with FAS School Painting Dye

Write Secret Messages Activity Painting Lesson

​Kids love magic painting.  You can write a secret message or draw a cartoon that the children will find and discover as they play with the colourful paint or dye.  

Even better, you can teach the whole class this cool art trick by writing their messages to pass on to other school friends to discover secret messages with colourful paints and dyes.

It is lots of fun and involves everyone.

​A great way for new classes to work together.

​You will need

  • Paper – white adsorbent construction paper

  • A long thin candle or white wax crayons

  • FAS Super Tempera Poster Paint - water-based or a Painting Dye

  • Wide Brushes – Old interior decorators are ideal.

  • Apron

  • Newspaper or Cover sheet.

FAS Recommended Products:

Cold WAX Solution

Lets get started:​

Step 1:

Lay down your cover sheet or newspaper. Put aprons on the children.

Step 2:

Draw your secret design on the white paper using either the COLD WAX SOLUTION candle's end or the white crayon, and write a few simple words.

Step 3:

Paint over the wax design using a brush with one or more colours. The wax from the candle or the crayon resists the paint and, as if by magic, shows through the colourful secret message.

Secret Messages Activity


Any colour wax crayon will work, but try to use them heavily to lay down plenty of wax.

Cold Wax Solution works well. Just allow time for the wax to dry. This wax is non-toxic and safe for school use.

If your crayons are too hard, try warming them up a little to soften the wax.

Paint: High-quality, thick kids' poster paint may be too thick to do this project. If your paint is too thick, try adding some water. Paint that is thinner, like water, is better. 

You can also do this with a colourful water-based dye. Use gloves.

Thin paper gets too soggy and might fall apart. 

​This can be one of those art exercises that children love to do again and again.


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