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FAS Super Tempera Paint: Use Toy Cars for Print Patterns


Teaching kids how to paint becomes a fun and colourful adventure with FAS Super Tempera Paint and toy cars. This technique sparks imagination and creativity as children explore unique objects for imprint stamping. Using old toys, sponges, and corks, they create mesmerising masterpieces with endless variations.

Materials Needed:

  • FAS Super Tempera Paint

  • Toy cars with wheels

  • Dolls' textured feet

  • Sponges, corks, and found objects

  • Water jar and paper towels

  • Brushes


  1. Explore Toy Car Print Patterns: Introduce paint imprint stamping with toy cars, highlighting the fascinating tire tracks they leave behind. Inspire children to observe and use these tracks as inspiration for their artwork.

  2. Unleash Creativity with Found Objects: Encourage students to experiment with a range of textured objects like sponges, corks, and doll feet. Let them discover the diverse imprints each object can create on their canvas.

  3. Prepare for the Session: Remind students to wash their chosen objects beforehand. Could you provide a water jar and paper towels for easy brush cleaning?

  4. Try not to over-wet the objects with the Super Tempera Paint.  Allow just enough paint to leave exciting patterns. Try testing it before you add it to the final artwork.

  5. Dive into the Painting Adventure: Let children dip toy car wheels or objects into FAS Super Tempera Paint and press them onto the canvas. Encourage them to explore colours, patterns, and textures, emphasising that there are no right or wrong approaches.

  6. Discover Unique Masterpieces: Display the creations in the classroom for classmates to appreciate and draw inspiration from.

Painting with toy cars

Teaching kids to paint with FAS Super Tempera Paint and toy cars unlocks their creativity. By exploring various objects for imprint stamping, they can create captivating patterns and express themselves artistically. With simple cleanup using a water jar and paper towels, the painting adventure never ends. Let their imagination soar as their unique masterpieces take shape on the canvas!

Enjoy - 

Tony Parker

Ideas for Art Blog

by FAS | Fine Art Supplies NZ LTD


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